Stomach Problems and Headaches? Your Spine Might Be Responsible!

Stomach Problems and Headaches? Your Spine Might Be Responsible!

Most of us are unaware that our spines may be misaligned. Minor or severe, the consequences often go unnoticed by us. Unbeknownst to many people, these issues with alignment can cause a variety of other symptoms and conditions. Your spine is the control center for nearly every single bodily function, so if there’s anything off with it, you can bet that something else in your body will be affected as well. Don’t let those seemingly unrelated symptoms and conditions go unchecked – read on to find out how proper alignment of your spine may improve the quality of life you experience!

Did You Know? These conditions can be caused by spinal misalignment.

Stomach & Digestive Problems

Many of our patients are stunned to learn that abdominal and intestinal issues can be caused by spinal misalignment. Patients often ask, “How does my spine tie into my digestion?” The fact is that your spine and digestive system have a close link. In more extreme cases of scoliosis, the curvature has been known to cause pressure on the stomach area. However, even mild forms of spinal misalignment can lead to gastrointestinal problems.

The enteric nervous system is like a brain in the digestive tract. It depends on the spine’s nerves to transmit electrical signals, control hormones, and chemical reactions, and manage general activity. Its close relationship with the spinal cord makes it an integral part of our overall well-being.

When the spine, which encompasses a large portion of the central nervous system, is out of alignment, it can have damaging effects on your enteric anxious technique. Since this method regulates digestive capabilities, having an aligned spinal cord may result in tremendous enhancements to digestion problems such as stomach pain and GERD; nausea and diarrhea; constipation, etc.


Chronic headaches can be a true nuisance and even debilitating. One cause of these problems may be misalignment in the spine, especially near the cervical area located within your neck. The posture of your head relies on this part of the spine being properly aligned; when it is out of alignment, you’re more likely to suffer from chronic pain or tension that results in frequent headaches.


Cervical spine misalignment can have a number of unpleasant consequences, including excruciating migraines. When the vertebrae are misaligned and nerves become compressed or even inflamed, it halts proper electrical impulses from getting to your head and brain, leading to all kinds of imbalances that manifest as migraine headaches. Without cervical realignment, this vicious cycle continues without any end in sight.

Lethargy and Exhaustion

An imbalance in energy levels and constant exhaustion can make one’s life a living nightmare. When you’re constantly drained, it is almost impossible to bring enthusiasm or creativity into your everyday activities which could then lead to depression, anxiety, and apathy. This whole situation can be traced back to the central nervous system as it regulates our body’s energy balance. Our spine plays an integral role when it comes down to CNS processes; if misalignments happen that hamper these nerves from functioning properly – resulting in impairment of nerve flow- this consequently leads us feeling exhausted all the time with diminished performance levels!

Brain Fog

When the spine is misaligned, it impedes the central nervous system’s operation and consequently affects our brain functioning. As a result of this disruption to how energy moves throughout our body, many experience cognitive issues like “brain fog.” Just as the central nervous system regulates energy levels in every corner of your physique, it also directs your mental state.

Back Pain

Backaches are a frequent symptom of spinal misalignment, affecting the nerves, discs, muscles, and tissues in your back. You may experience an assortment of sensations from dull aches to sharp pain that spreads down to your legs — sciatica being one example. Cold or hot pains can also arise due to poor alignment in the spine which often results in uncomfortable discomfort all over the affected area.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is often caused by an imbalance in the spine, which spans from your neck all the way down to your lower back. This disruption can put pressure on nerves, discs, and tissue as well as create muscular strain; a particularly difficult task considering that the human head weighs 11 pounds! Realigning these vertebrae is crucial for relieving stress and discomfort without sacrificing the support of our heads.

Shoulder Pain

Frequently, chronic shoulder tightness and tenderness are caused by an imbalance in the spine, most commonly in the neck (cervical). This is because when the neck cannot sufficiently support your head’s weight, your shoulders’ muscles tighten to compensate. You may experience soreness or stiffness as a result of this misalignment or even sharp pain due to previous injuries affecting both your back and shoulders.


You may find it shocking, yet anxiety is a common side effect of spinal alignment issues. This is due to the fact that the spine serves as an essential part of our central nervous system – which sets off physical reactions in our bodies. When this critical body system suffers damage from misalignment, its capacity to send these signals can be inhibited.

Because the body recognizes that something is abnormal and off in an environment of interruption, it may interpret this as anxiety. Moreover, the spine’s close integration with the enteric nervous system which handles digestion can lead to impaired digestion, a byproduct of which is anxiety.

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