Tampa, are you always stressed? Here’s how chiropractic care can help.

Always stressed? Here's how chiropractic care can help

The holidays can be a hugely stressful time for many of us, but the reality is that stress affects us all year round. We’re often juggling so much in our lives – work commitments, family life, and more – that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everything going on around you. Sadly this has almost become an accepted norm within today’s society; it feels like all of us are just a single event away from total breakdown.

Thankfully, there’s a great way to combat this stress. Our bodies need help when we’re going through stressful times, and chiropractic care is the ideal solution- it helps to provide comprehensive healing for your body while ensuring that vital systems remain in balance. Keep reading if you’d like to find out how chiropractic care can be beneficial when dealing with stress.

Why am I always stressed?

Mental Stressors

Constantly carrying around our to-do list in the back of our minds is known as a mental load and can have profound physiological effects on us. On top of this, we face real physical challenges that impact us every single day. From dealing with tasks, concerns, aimless musings and long-term ambitions – it’s no wonder why stress has become an unavoidable part of life.

Physical Stressors

From major life events and habits to little things, physical stressors are conditions and lifestyle factors in our lives that can result in a noticeable physical response. From commuting and working at a desk for long hours to drinking caffeine-packed beverages or enduring meetings and conversations, these factors all have an effect on us. Injuries of any sort also induce immediate strain as well as potential lingering tension if not managed properly over time.

Environments That Cause Stress

Life throws us many stress-inducing situations and environments, yet if managed correctly, these can actually produce resilience in our bodies. Listed below are a few of the more common sources of pressure:


Workplaces can be a major source of stress for many individuals due to the rigid standards and expectations. This is because these environments are often uncomplimentary to your body’s needs or what it takes mentally, physically, and emotionally for you to remain balanced. Therefore, continually maintaining an equilibrium between work demands and your own natural rhythms can prove difficult at best.

An apt illustration of this is the notorious desk job. Initially, it may appear to be a reprieve from more physical jobs and responsibilities, but over time, people report that they feel “caged” by their desk job and unable to obtain physical movements like walking around or stretching when they need it most. These habits put massive strain in our bodies.

Working in a fast-paced environment necessitates perpetual motion, making it common among warehouses, commercial businesses, restaurants, hospitals and customer service roles. Unlike the desk job which allows for much needed rest and retreats at times of stress or fatigue; this work atmosphere can be overwhelming as it places an added demand to remain constantly responsive. Such jobs may cause great strain due to their requirement of being “on” all the time – thus leading them to become stressful and exhausting endeavors.


The home atmosphere can be just as, if not more strenuous, than the working environment. Whether it’s taking accountability for family members, dealing with loneliness while living alone, or executing household chores, stress is an inevitable part of life at home.

Living by yourself or with a roommate presents its own difficulties, but when your house is full of people it can be especially chaotic. People tend to create noise and require social interaction which can become stressful at times. Even living alone in isolation doesn’t guarantee stress-free living as research has shown that it also brings additional worries along with it. Every home environment is unique and comes along with different types of pressures – no matter how many people are sharing the space!

Not only must you consider the social dynamics of a home, but there are also numerous mundane tasks and responsibilities necessary for your household to function. This may include duties such as laundry, cooking, cleaning, repairs, installations or appliance maintenance – all of which can be an overload on stress levels.


Stress is an ever-present reality that we cannot evade. Whether you’re commuting for work, going grocery shopping, visiting friends or family, doing business transactions or engaging in leisure activities – each interaction with public spaces can be a stressful episode. We often experience anxiousness and unease during these moments; some situations such as sitting in traffic are even known to increase our blood pressure and heart rate! It’s time to find ways of managing this stress so that it doesn’t take over your life.

Defeating Stress with Chiropractic Care… Yes, Chiropractic!

In today’s world, it is essential to have an effective plan for minimizing stress and enhancing one’s resilience in order to handle the everyday challenges life throws at us. Stressful situations occur all around us daily, so we must arm ourselves with protection from its harmful impacts if we are to be successful in navigating them.

Stress has a wide range of effects, but they typically display in the body in similar forms. Not only can it intensify any conditions you already experience, but it can also generate new ones as well. For example, stress-induced back pain, neck tension and headaches are common examples; along with GERD/acid reflux flareups or joint discomfort & sciatica. Depression & anxiety are further two mental illnesses that can be triggered by high levels of strain too!

Can chiropractic care help me with stress?

Without a doubt! Chiropractic care can boost the functioning of your nervous system, which is essential for battling stress. Your nervous system works as an intermediary between external and internal influences, thus it plays a significant role in both how you perceive the world around you and what responses you give to it. To maintain its efficient operation it’s vital that we have chiropractic assistance from time to time.

At Redefine Your Spine, our powerful chiropractic interventions such as spinal adjustments, traction, deep tissue laser therapy and alignment treatments can provide long-lasting stress relief. Our patients typically walk away feeling less anxious and more energized; effects that last for hours or even weeks – building on each other to ultimately create a new way of functioning in the body!

Chiropractic Care in Tampa and Carrollwood, FL

If you’re ready to unlock the potential of chiropractic care and receive its numerous advantages, Dr. Jacob Goldberg of Tampa’s Redefine Your Spine is here for you with a tailored plan that meets your individual needs and objectives. Chiropractic will help build up protection in your body against stress, ailments, and diseases. Don’t wait any longer to achieve your vision of health: book your appointment today and start relieving the stress!

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